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Data Collect

OEE related data collection.

Data can either be collected automatically from the production line via OPC and XML files or it can be entered manually on a networked or standalone device. For manual data collection operators can use keyboard, mouse or touch screen input. Fast, flexible and reliable input makes operators productive and open to using the system. Automated data can be collected alongside it and the operator can then make modifications if required.

Each Data Collect station can collect data for multiple machines and can work as a standalone station or can be connected to a central server collecting data from multiple stations. This paperless method reduces the chances of lost or misinterpreted data.

You only collect the information you need and, in return, you get a quick and clear presentation of the OEE for everything from a single piece of equipment to a whole plant.

ATS Intelligence enables you to collect and analyse the following data:
  • The amount of material or product being manufactured.
  • The machine or process manufacturing the product.
  • The equipment’s optimum rate of production for each material.
  • The breakdown of reasons that reduce the total available time to the actual running time for a piece of equipment.
  • Process variables that can assist in analysing issues.

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Product Description

'ATS Intelligence is improving our competitiveness. We can track, analyze and reduce down times, speed and quality losses.'

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